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Boost conversion by 15-30% with personalized product photos.

Bloom has served +9M photos to optimize +$34M in revenue

How it works

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Approve new AI scenes

Each month, Bloom creates up to 20 new scenes for your product photography, pending your approval. We use our cutting-edge, proprietary generative AI system, informed by the aesthetic of your existing assets and brand guidelines. Over time, the system learns which styles convert best for your shoppers.

Watch Bloom auto-optimize

No setup or monitoring required. Bloom integrates with your Shopify store. Based on user demographics and behavior, Bloom’s AI scene optimizer runs thousands of experiments. Ultimately, it serves each shopper the product photos likeliest to lead to a purchase.

Trusted ROI

Bloom integrates directly with Google Analytics to ensure reliable tracking of conversion lift.

The generative advantage

Save time and money while unlocking conversion focused creative direction. 

Discover your best product photos

Bloom collects performance statistics from your existing product photo categories.

These insights are used to generate and deploy the highest-converting content with AI.

Creative teams are empowered to channel these insights into data-driven creative direction.

Studio vs. Editorial
Packaging vs. Application
On-figure vs. Flatlays
Highest converting models
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